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For Physicians

Thank you for showing interest in Connecticut Eye Surgery Center South. We are a leading outpatient surgical facility accredited by AAAHC, and we support safe, quality patient care by using a collaborative team approach between the patient, the patient’s family, physicians and staff. Our patient satisfaction rate is over 90%, exemplifying our commitment to customer service.

Why Schedule with Us?

  • We are experts in ophthalmology with a highly-trained staff. Our center is also fully equipped and has an extensive inventory of IOLs.
  • We understand how important efficiency is for you, which is why we offer a better turnaround time for your procedures. Our staff is focused on making sure you can do your cases in the least amount of time possible.
  • We offer secured block time for our physicians. This allows you to schedule as many patients during your block time without being bumped from your schedule.
  • Our office staff is 100% committed to ensuring that your entire experience with us is coordinated and effortless.
  • We save your patients money on their copays. An average Medicare patient (without secondary insurance) can save over $140 on their copay by having surgery done in an ambulatory surgery center (ASC), rather than a hospital.
  • ASCs also have a lower infection rate compared to hospitals.

When you join the team at Connecticut Eye Surgery Center South, you will also automatically become part of our marketing programs. You receive:

  • Your own customized physician profile page on our center website
  • Partnership with our national awareness programs, such as: YourSightMatters.com
  • Ophthalmology patient education materials

Click here to request more information and learn about how you can become a part of our team.